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Took a lovely walk from Wivelsfield to Ditchling museum of Art and Craft today. The museum was celebrating its first birthday, and there was lots of cake and larks. Best of all they had free entry!

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My Body-Positive Selfie Was Co-Opted By Creepy Fetishists →


So I took a few photos and posted my favourite on my tumblr with a few body positive tags. The photo was of me sitting on my bed next to my favourite stuffed toy, with artwork made by dear friends on the wall next to me. This is my most intimate space, but I was happy to give my friends and…

Posting the piece I wrote again about hair fetishisation becausei I got way excited when I saw it in my feed. Sorry not sorry.

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My body positive selfie was co-opted by creepy fetishists →

Feminspire cross-posted my bad housekeeping piece, which has led to me getting a boost in twitter followers. Im so glad I shared my experience.

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Bad housekeeping: Body positivity, feminists & fetishists →

This is a piece I wrote for bad housekeeping about having my image used by hair fetishists on tumblr.

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thealicefanclub asked: Your treat yo self chain really brightened up my feed/life.




Another life lesson from Parks and Rec

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I was having a relatively pain free day today so I took the bus to Lewes and had a lovely nature walk by the Ouse. When ill health restricts you days like this really give you hope for the future.

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Hello, I’ve been slack at posting lately because well this blog is about stuff I’ve done and I’ve been in too much pain to do things. However, I almost sort of have a diagnosis! I most likely have endometriosis and I want to connect with other people with experience of this condition, hence the vlog. Please share with anyone you know with endometriosis. It can be quite an isolating condition I’d love to get advice from anyone who has been through it!

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okay so tonight is my last night of drawing portraits! i didn’t realize it was going to create such a lovely buzzzzz. illustration is my profession so i am going to be closing up the free portraits for tonight! everyone who messaged me on tumblr/instagram i will get yours done tonight no worries!

*Promote Promote*

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zzbbtt made some Alice Fan Club fan art. She is very cool and talented, plus skilled at Kim Kardashian hollywood so you should pay her attention.

zzbbtt made some Alice Fan Club fan art. She is very cool and talented, plus skilled at Kim Kardashian hollywood so you should pay her attention.

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Three Pride Marches in 24/hrs

This past Saturday, Berlin held three Christopher Street Day marches and one Dyke* March the night before. CSD has been held in Berlin since 1979. As well as the main parade, there is usually a smaller march in Kreuzberg in the late afternoon. This year there was also a more demonstration type march that went from the Ugandan Embassy to the Russian Embassy. I managed to get to all of them apart from the Kreuzberg march. Here is a little run down of how they went. (Photos are placed in the order the marches are listed below.)

Dyke* March- I turned up at Frankfurter Tor alone and soon made a little group of friends who were willing to share their sekt with me. Easily more than 700 Dykes and non-dyke identifying allies were there. It was a simple march for visibility, full of home made banners and people basically just being themselves. It was a wonderful evening march and I felt honored to march in solidarity with the local Dyke* communities. 

CSD main parade- The music was thumping and the advertising was inescapable. Easyjet, Dildoking and … Israel? LGBT members of the police were in the parade, but for the most part it was sponsored floats.It was fun to dance along side for a bit, but to me it was more party less pride. As a cool young thing I was invited to dance on the dildoking float for the sum of €15. I declined,and went on to the next march. 

CSD Aktionbündnis march- Here is where you would find local charities, support organisations, trade unions and political parties. This was much more my kind of thing than the main parade. It was more about each groups message than trying to sell you stuff, and the music was at a much more bearable level. There was also much less heavy drinking. When Pride becomes synonymous with drunkenness I feel like it glosses over the high rate of addiction in our communities.  

Hearing that there were multiple marches at first made me think that Berlin must be a bit of a shambles. Upon reflection however, I realised that Berlin have done what Brighton and London always talk about but never do which is to create alternatives. Pride means different things to different people and although it would be great to have one accessible event that pleases everyone it just doesn’t work out that way. 

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